How do I book a session?

Under the CONTACT//BOOKING page, leave your information and your desired booking date and I will get back to you with availability on the date you choose. If the time and day is confirmed, I will then accept payment through your desired paying plan.

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Where do you shoot your headshots?

I shoot all my headshots on-location, in natural lighting, in NoHo Arts District (North Hollywood, CA).

Why do you shoot your headshots outdoors?

The main reason is that I believe the outdoors can provide the most spontaneous moments with the session. Just like great acting, great headshots come from spontaneity. Another reason is because I love using natural lighting. It doesn't seemed "forced" on the actor as opposed to studio lighting. That's not to say you can still great headshots in a studio environment. If you prefer to shoot in a studio setting, contact me directly!


I accept payment via Venmo (@CNCactor), Chase QuickPay, PayPal, or Apple Pay. All payments made through the mentioned payment options must be made a week prior to the shoot. Cash and Check payments are acceptable on the day of the shoot.

How and when will I receive my photos?

I share all photos from the session via Dropbox. Dropbox is a free-to-sign-up site that allows photo sharing. I recommend you create an account before the photoshoot. You should receive all of your Hi-Res JPEG files on the day of your shoot. How's that for quick service?

For retouched images, they should be in your Dropbox folder within 2-3 days after you choose the images you'd like to retouch.

How do I choose the photos I want for retouching?

When you have received your photos, thoroughly pick the headshots that you believe shows your true unique range. I will assist you on how to send me the file numbers after the session. Ask family and friends and fellow actors for their input and boil it down to the appropriate amount.


If you bought the 3 LOOK Package, choose 3 photos from each "look" (totaling 9 selected photos) that you want for retouching.

If you bought the 4 LOOK Package, you'd choose 12 photos, and so on...

Why should I retouch my headshot(s)?

Retouching allows for optimal quality of a headshot by bring out any unique qualities the actor may have. Retouching also allows me get rid of any minor imperfections or blemishes the actor may have that may be distracting, thus hindering them from booking a role! 

Typically, retouching one headshot takes about 30-45 minutes, so please be patient when waiting for your retouched images!

Do you provide a mUA (makeup artists)?

No, unfortunately I do not provide a Makeup artist. I recommend for men to use translucent powder to reduce any shine from their face if they MUST wear Makeup. For women, it's a bit trickier. Please come Makeup-ready. Be as minimal and natural as you can with your Makeup. Easy on the eye liner and eye shadow. Use a good foundation and NO HIGHLIGHTER, as it will be blinding to the casting director or whomever! Keep your lipstick of a light or medium tone, or better yet: none. You get the hint!

What is a "look"?

A look is an outfit change and/or background change. Typically, each looks should show a different side of you and show off your range as an actor. The more looks you have, the more characters we'll be able to capture! 

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(909) 643-7326