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Christopher CArrillo


Why hello, I first want to thank YOU for investing your time into looking for the right headshot photographer and landing on my website. I believe it's important to know a bit about the photographer before working with them so I'm going to briefly speak a little about myself (if you don't mind)!

I decided to start up my own headshot business back in 2015 after becoming frustrated, being an actor myself, of the ridiculously high prices of headshot packages photographers were offering. I had already been doing headshots and portrait-related work but didn't have the desire nor need to start my own business. I realized then that as artists (specifically "starving artists"), we must help one another. So I decided to hone my craft as a photographer and work with fellow actors in getting their headshots for a fraction of the price they'd be paying elsewhere!

Efficient money management is key to a successful and sustainable career in acting and I know how important it is to have extra funds for classes, workshops, and anything else needed to progress you as an actor. I make my headshot packages extremely affordable so that you can have that leniency.

Beyond headshots, I do family portraits, engagement photos, street photography and work for a company called "Life365 Portraits" where I specialize in baby and child portrait photography as well. The job has taught me a lot as a photographer and has equipped me with skills that I believe have advanced my knowledge as a photographer!

I mentioned I'm an actor as well. So if you ever want to discuss the business side of things or want to talk about the craft before our shoot, I'm always excited to have a conversation! I love movies and would safely consider myself a cinephile. My love for being behind the camera stemmed from filmmaking as a kid! To read more about me and my acting visit my website, Or you can send me a message directly through the contact page!

I look forward to meeting you!

- Christopher Carrillo